The following list of events cover every major plot line that has been established in in our RP as of yet, and will be continuously updated as time goes on. We have tried our best to keep the list in chronological order.

  • Tourney of the Hand at Harrenhal - 325 AC
  • Signs of dissent (Greyscale, food shortages, murder, kidnapping)
  • Invasion of the Stormlands
  • Iwan's Rebellion
  • Quest for Aegs
  • Assassinations (Queen Jeanne, Lord Stark, Lord Tully)
  • War on Essos
  • Kidnapping of the King
  • Birth of the Dragons
  • Rebuilding of the Night's Watch and the Wall
  • Attack on Winter Town/Return of the dead
  • Kidnapping of Alaric
  • Battle against the Great Other and the army of the dead
  • Lion's Den Tourney
  • The Mad King
  • Karstark Rebellion
  • Dornish Plague
  • Quest to Sothoryos
  • Marriage of the Queen


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