Full Name: Aethan Velaryon

Title: Lord of the Tides, Master of Driftmark

Nickname: Seadrake, Aethan One-Eyed

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Orientation/Sexual preference: Straight


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 178 lbs

Eye color: Dark seafoam

Hair color: Icy platinum 

Hair length: Shoulder length

Hairstyle: Varies, though most often in a braid

Body build: Tall and average of build

Complexion: Pale

Scars/ Birthmarks/Tattoos/Piercing: Multiple piercings on both ears

*House and Background*

House: Velaryon

Region: the Crownlands

Marital status: Single

Family: Monterys Velaryon (Father, dead)

Serenei Rogare (Mother, dead)

Rhaesella Velaryon (Sister, alive)

Corlys Velaryon (Brother, alive)

Daemon Velaryon (Brother, alive)

Alyssa Waters (Bastard half sister, alive)

Extra: Missing his left eye from a jousting accident in his youth, replaced it with a seafoam green sapphire. The tale of it's loss get's wilder and wilder with each retelling. 

Background: Born the eldest of five children, for not including his bastard sister Alyssa, he was raised by his father Monterys to rule from the very first moment of his life. His early childhood was mostly absorbed in his studies, as well as training in sailing and naval battle. At the age of fourteen, he finally began training at arms, though the excitement was marred by the horrific loss of his left eye. At the age of nineteen, his mother and father left on a small trip to Gulltown, and were never seen again, ostensibly from getting caught out at sea during a storm. Now the defacto Lord of High Tide, he rules with his siblings at his side.

*Personality and Health*

Personality: Aethan is a superficial charmer to most, hiding away his guile and cunning for the most opportune moment. Extremely vulnerable to flattery. 

Best traits of their personality: Intelligent, clever, optimistic, confident 

Worst traits of their personality: Rash, apathetic, proud

Good habits: None.

Bad habits: Can fly off the handle when proven wrong, especially if there's an audience

*Current Information*

Faith: Faith of the Seven

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Enemies: A crab he dubbed "Septa the Ineffable". Possible this might refer to someone of House Celtigar, but no one has managed to confirm this from his occasional rants on this mysterious crustacean. 

Associations: House Rogare of Lys (Through his mother), House Targaryen (Through ancestral ties and whatnot)

Magical Abilities: none (as of yet)

Mastered Weapon: Longsword/dual wielding 

Skills (Not meaning powers): Sailing, warfare/strategy

Tournament Skills: Tilting, melee, archery

Hobbies: Sailing, reading, dueling, showing off in general