Full Name: Contessa Farwynd Sparr

Title (Lord/Lady/Sir etc.): Lady Contessa Sparr

Nickname(s): Tessa (inland) Eagle Eye (on ships)

Sex: F

Age: 23

Orientation/Sexual preference: heterosexual


《You can include a picture if you are basing it on a face claim》

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 135lbs (don't know the stonage)

Eye colour: hazel

Hair colour(s): dark brown

Hair length: just past shoulders

Hairstyle: varies 

Body build (slim, muscular, etc.): lithe figure with buxom build (can not be mistaken for a male)

Complexion: fair complexion but tanned by the sun and sea

Scars/ Birthmarks/Tattoos/Piercing (What and Where): tip of left pinky lost in her first finger dance

*House and Background*

House: Sparr (mother Farwynd)

Region: Great Wyk of the Iron Isles

Marital status (Single, married, dating, etc.): single

Family: the only child of Steffarin Sparr and Gwen Farwynd

Extra: her parents marriage tho arranged was a happy one, both parents lost in a shipwreck 3 years past

Background: After the Iron Islands had been returned to the Ironborn, House Sparr invested in raising sheep, producing salt and also a large provider of fresh water on Great Wyk. She has a White Bellied Sea Eagle named Horace that was gifted to her as a fledgling at the age of 20, it was her mother's final gift to her. She is known for her keen eyesight. Unbeknownst to all save her deceased mother and their loyal Drowned God Priest Dagmire, Contessa has the skin changing ability which works best with sea birds. She grew up with others from Great Wyk and her best mates are from Houses Goodbrother and Merlyn

*Personality and Health*

Personality: stubborn and proud

Best traits of their personality: Doesn't give up easily 

Worst traits of their personality: Has to be proven wrong 

Good habits: caring for her staff and sailors/seamen

Bad habits: likes to explore and believes some of the Older Fables of the Ironborn

*Current Information*

Faith (religion): The Drowned God 

Alignment (Allies): Greyjoys, Farwynds, Goodbrothers and Merlyns

Enemies: none as yet

Associations: none as yet 

Magical Abilities: (if any) skin changes into her sea eagle "Horace"

Mastered Weapon: (1 only) Short Sword

Skills (Not meaning powers): (2 maximum) bow, knife play

Tournament Skills: (3 maximum) None

Hobbies: Falconry, exploring other islands and caves etc