Birth name:

Maxi Serenity Delonne Allyrion


Serena, De, Lady Ally, Maxi


29 (Per history jump. 12/01/2018)




150 Ibs


Long wavy brown/black hair


Hazel with specs of gold


Slightly Fair


Scars from past sparing matches

Sexual Orientation: 



Serena is of medium height with a well toned form. Shes neither fat nor skinny but shes happy with the way she looks. Serena is both serious and fun. She has a feminine side but prefers her leathers and armour to her dresses. She is strong, determined, and cunning. She has a quiet yet stunning beauty and she knows how to use it. She is the chosen heir of House Allyrion and was named for her great great grandmother. Her ability to lead and issue commands is widely known. Her men respect her and her abilities as they saw her train as a child. She lives by both her own house words “No Foe may pass” and the words of Ned Stark, “The one that gives the sentence, swings the sword”


Deadly with both LongSwords and Shortswords. Duel-Blading. Martial Arts taught to her by an old friend. Her prefered Weapons of choice are Sunspear(Longsword) and Dawnbreaker (Short sword) 




Great Great grandmother- Delonne Allyrion (Deceased)

Great Grandfather: Ryon Allyrion (Deceased)

Great Grandmother Ynys Yronwood (Deceased)

Grandfather: Corban Allyrion (Deceased)

Grandmother: Carlys Blanetree (Deceased)

Father: Ryon Byran Allyrion (Deceased)

Mother: Jaenis Snow (Deceased)

Uncle: Aran Allyrion

Aunt: Rhena Dalt

Cousin: Irina Lannister


The Crown, Martells, The Starks, Dayne


Anyone not allied with the Crown


Serena has no lovers at present but she is aware she needs to carry on her family name.



Extras: Unknown

Background: The marriage of her parents was looked down as because her mother was common, however as the chosen heir to the Allyrion name Serenity was trained at an early age in the art of War and fighting. She is exceptionally bright and has a photographic memory so learning was an easy task for her. She didnt believe a girls only duty was to carry on the family line and was determined to fight with the men. 

At the age of ten she snuck into a training session where she became fascinated with the art of Dual-Blading. It took her a while to convince her parents to allow her to train but train she did until she was sent away for her safety. She was sent to her mothers friends who lived in Winterfell. It was at Winterfell two years laterthat she learnt of her families death. What happened between her time at Winterfell and traveling back to Godsgrace was a mystery as she doesnt talk about it to anyone.