Full Name: Liu Xi

Title (Lord/Lady/Sir etc.): 




Orientation/Sexual preference:Bisexual


«You can include a picture if you are basing it on a face claim»



Eye colour:Charcoal

Hair colour(s):Black

Hair length:Medium

Hairstyle:usually kept in hair bun

Body build (slim, muscular, etc.): Lithe yet fit

Complexion:White with very pale tan

Scars/ Birthmarks/Tattoos/Piercing (What and Where): a nasty raised scar running across her right cheek

*House and Background*


Region:Yi Ti [Originially]

Marital status (Single, married, dating, etc.): SIngle


un-named parents



*Personality and Health*

Personality:Once a happy and blissful person who also carried a strong sense of duty and loyalty, turned to a introverted mess who still holds onto her sense of duty but her trust

in others is severly broken after the great rebellion.

Best traits of their personality:Her strong sense of Duty and loyalty makes her a proper and worthy person to pick as a personal guard.

Worst traits of their personality: She has a severe dis-trust of everyone around her after the rebellion that ruined her life forever.

Good habits:

Bad habits:

*Current Information*

Faith (religion): Yi Ti Gods and Goddesses

Alignment (Allies): NA yet,Formerly

Enemies:so far anyone she doesnt trust


Magical Abilities:na

Mastered Weapon:Dao Sword [hilt is made for alternating one to two hands and can be wielded on horseback while also being good anti-calvary]

Skills (Not meaning powers): 

Military tactics [Calvary,sabatoge,defense,ect]

Sword Play

Tournament Skills: (3 maximum)

-Sword Fighting 

-horse back sword fighing [like jousting but horses and blunt swords aiming to dis-mount the other.]


-Reading and writing poetry

-Studying war tactics and strategies

-Warm baths and candles.