Name:Alex Payne Alias:none Height:6ft 2' Weight:112 lbs . Age:Three-and-Twenty Hair: Black Eyes: One green and one Blue Skin: Fair Markings/tattoos/scars: A scar across his face and a birth mark on his back Sexual orientation: Straight Appearance:Thin and slender and tall with heavy hands but thin arms Skills:Very skilled at arms and yood at climbing and very athletic Background:Alex payne descended from a forrester mother who married his father Podrick he got his lordship through but wanted to become a knight from very yound age now stici with responsibility of a keep. Lovers:Affair with the daughter of his castellen Ser Alyn Payne Family: Sister:Mary Payne who lives at courtand a basterd brother "Omnar Rivers whom he trusts very much. Father Podrick Payne hanged recnetly for treason and mother Jenyl Forrester locked herself in keep's highest tower because of grief Traits:Has a very mischievous mind and likes chaos and drama and very well in philosophy and dislikes sexism also favourite drink lemonade and sometimes takes lemons with wine. Alliances:Lannisters and Gives some money from trade to ourlaws for protection