Birth name: Chadwick Baratheon

Alias: None

Age: 28

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 235 lbs

Hair: Brown 

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair

Markings/tattoos/scars: None

Sexual orientation: Straight

Appearance: Chadwick stands at 6’2” but often appears taller because of the way he carries himself. He is very muscular and very short tempered like a Baratheon.

Skills: Longswords

Abilities:Close Combat

Family: Son of Shireen Baratheon and Leonard Morrigen

Allies: None

Enemies: None

Lover(s): None

Associations: Stormlands, Baratheon 

House: Baratheon

Region: Stormlands, Storm’s End

Title: Lord Paramount of the Stormlands


Background: The son of Shireen Baratheon and Leonard Morrigen he was able to be raised with the Baratheon name. He was told to keep his distance as long as Mya Baratheon was Paramount and upon her death he made his way to Storm’s End only to be beaten by Edric Storm. He continued to watch as his keep got claimed by a bastard. He plotted for the bastard’s death and took the throne of Storm’s End as his own. He now rules furiously from Storm’s End.

He also has a love interest with a whore in King’s Landing who is pregnant with his child. Recent events have kept him out of Storm’s End and he knows nothing of how she is or how the pregnancy is going. 

After a recent abduction Lord Baratheon lost an eye. He still struggles today with his depth perception.