Name: Harsh Targaryen

Alias: Lord of Dragonstone

Height: 5'8

Weight: 164 lbs. 

Age: 32 years

Hair: silver-white and curly 

Eyes: black

Skin: Fair

Appearance: Harsh has a slight build with a firm toned body. He is an accomplished warrior. He is strong, determined and loyal. He does not have a very fair skin but keeps his heart on his sleeves which is an added advantage according to his subjects. He does every possible things to protect his men just like his father which has gained him their respect and fierce loyalty among his army and subjects. 

Sexual orientation: Straight 

Markings/scars/tattoos: Two deep scars which serves as a sign of the battles fought.

Statistics and abilities: Weapon of choice is a long sword and shield. He too uses bow and arrow swiftly. One of his biggest strengths is his diplomacy and ability of negotitation which has helped the realm to avoid many battles.

Spouse: Lady Myria Targaryen (played by Amy Rowe)

Child: 7 year old Daemon Targaryen who is getting trained from Maester Trysene (Grandchild of Maester Crassen) & who also serves as "my NPC".

Family Background:

On the night, Harsh was born at King's Landing, a severe storm raged throughout Westeros and Essos. Right from his childhood; Harsh knew that his father and mother both were strong monarchs; worthy of rule. During his childhood,he made occassional visits to Winterfell and was raised along side his cousins there too under the guidance of Lady Stark in particular. Honour; Faithfulness and Loyalty were some of the abilities; Harsh gained from a very small age. He had heard stories of his father's adventures in the Night's Watch and was quite popular and loved among his cousins. When he was 10; he visited the crypts beneath Winterfell and saw many some of the best artisan work there and various statues of his family. 

He is trained in formal education and is also trained in various weapons. He is an intelligent man and a high dipomat too. He was crowned the Lord of Dragonstone at a younger age and rules the island efficiently. At the age of 23, he was married to Lady Myria of the House Umber, whom Harsh liked a lot since his childhood days.Harsh met her when she visited Winterfell with her family to attend the feast there. Together, they have a son too, Daemon Targaryen who is strong,humble and intelligent at his age like his father and his ancestors. Harsh has also fought various battles and has negotiated and avoided many battles and and has proved himself as an accomplished warrior.