Birth name: Parres

Alias: Red priest at the court of house Stark

Age: 32

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Hair: Short, black

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Pale

Markings/Tattoos/Scars: Big scar on his left cheek. He wears hood for most of the time to hide the scar.

Sexual Orientation: Straight 

Appearance: Pale skin, slim body and face hidden under the hood for most of the time. 

Skills: Knowledge of languages including westerosi, high valyrian, dothraki. Skilled poisoner and healer. 

Abilities: Flame visions, fire magic, possibly ressurection (he has never done this before), poison resistance

Family: None / unkown

Allies: houses of the North

Enemies: No declared specifically 

Lover(s): None 

Associations: Faceless Men of Braavos, Shadow Binders of Asshai


Background: Parres used to live in the streets of Braavos as a child - stealing and begging for food or money. When he was 10, he had met a red priestess preaching in the streets. Young he was and knew little about the followers of R'hllor. He tried to steal her great neclace with a ruby stone. Of course he failed. As a punishment one of the city guards standing nearby cut his face - specifically his left cheek. With his face covered in blood, he had to run away and hide, heal himself. A red priestess found him on the next day and offered him a chance to join their ranks. He agreed. As a novice among the red priests, he showed great talent for magic and poisons. Thanks to that he was quickly named a red priest and sent away with his task - support the northern houses, help in preparations for the long night and preach the Lord's wisdom. It took a long time for him to reach the house Stark and even more to earn their trust. Northeners do not believe in the Lord of Light but in their sacred trees. This is about to change...