Name:Stephen Tarley 

Alias: The Black Fox 


Weight: 11st 

Age: 39




Appearance: leather trousers and leather padded armour. He is medium built with some muscle. Pleasant until angered. He has a medium beared. 


Family: mother and father are dead

Lovers: Laura Tarly wife

Allies and enemies: . 

Background: is Rickons illgiment son. Was kept secret. Randall fearing a scandel and sent Stephen to a friend called Pavos in a mercenary company called Crimson blades 

He learned sword and bow skills from Pavos . He also learned minor smiting from Calos, only how to repair equipment in the field. He learnt minor healing from the camp Maester Jan, he learnt enough to treat minor wounds on the field. 

At the age of twenty, The Crimson Blades fought along side the golden compney during the battle he came across an injured commander of the golden compney, he had an enemy soldier standing over the commander. 

Richard then fired an arrow hitting the soldier, he then walked over to the commander and carried him to safety.

Weeks later the commander who's name was Garius, came and asked him to fight under him in Compney. He said yes.

He stayed with them until Pavos came and told him the truth about him and his family and that his mother had confessed his existence on her death bed, that he should return and lead his house.