Name: Lord Sir Theowin Redwyne

Alias: None (as of yet)


Height: 5ft11inch

Weight: 9stone

Hair: brown



Appearance: Brown Leather trousers and boots with a woollen cloak to ward of the chil of the sea often wears his shortswords at his side. Clean shaven generally present until angered.

Markings/tattoos/scars: no tattooes but some scars from serving on ships Andy general training.

Family: the Redwyne.

Lovers:Lady Redwyne

Alias and enemies: 

Background: as the Lord of the House was expected to do his part from an early age beginning first his training as a squire and later as a knight of the house working with the household garrison and fleets learning riding, sailing and duel swordplay. Alongside learning ruler ship from his father and writing and linguistics from the measter.

After the death of his predecessor as Lord he was choosen to lead the house in the field and in diplomacy only participanting in few battles due to the fleet being used to patrol the southern Reach for pirates and Ironborn but interacting with the Lords of the Arber and the Reach in the game of thrones.