Full Name: Lorent

Title (Lord/Lady/Sir etc.): Peasant

Nickname(s): None

Sex: Male 

Age: 18

Orientation/Sexual preference: Straight


《You can include a picture if you are basing it on a face claim》

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 195 lbs 

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour(s): Brown

Hair length: Past his shoulders 

Hairstyle: Long and past his shoulders

Body build (slim, muscular, etc.): Lean and very muscular, as expected of a peasant

Complexion: Clear

Scars/ Birthmarks/Tattoos/Piercing (What and Where): Numerous scars, bruises, and callouses all over his body.

*House and Background*

House: None

Region: The Reach

Marital status (Single, married, dating, etc.): Single, frequents brothels 

Family: None 

Extra: None 


Was taken at his 8th nameday to serve the Redwyne fleet. During his years he has proven a to be a great carpenter and shipwright. (There is not much to his background as this is how his story begins) 

*Personality and Health*

Personality: He is a hardworking loyal peasant of the Redwyne fleet and the Reach. 

Best traits of their personality: Hardworking, Perseverance, and Determined

Worst traits of their personality: Drunk, Immature, Impatient

Good habits: Stays sober at sea to remain clear headed, taught himself to read 

Bad habits: Is a complete drunk ashore, gets into trouble

*Current Information*

Faith (religion): Atheist 

Alignment (Allies): Redwyne



Magical Abilities: (if any)

Mastered Weapon: (1 only): Has never handled weapons as his duties have been aboard a ship. 

Skills (Not meaning powers): (2 maximum): Navigation, Travel

Tournament Skills: (3 maximum): Never has participated in a tournament before. 

Hobbies: Reading, Shipbuilding, Carpentry